About Us

who are we

Our collective experience includes years of raising and writing about cats, saving them, training them, falling in love and breaking their hearts. So, it is not surprising that our site has become the first place for people looking for information about pets.

As our site grew, a network of animal lovers around them appeared. Our community gives paws cat group access to over 6 million unique visitors per month, not to mention all of our social media fans.

So it makes sense that we work with the largest advertisers in the pet industry. They want to reach our emotional pets!

Expert advice and recommendations

Need advice on the best cat toys, food, or supplies for your cat? Relying on paws cat to check out the latest products on the pet market. From processing to cat beds, tools and accessories, we have obtained reviews of both must-have items and for purposes of waiting for sale.

If it comes to the behavior, training, or adoption guidelines you need, help is here. We have articles and interviews from expert trainers, behavioral scientists, veterinarians, as well as pet parents, volunteers and rescue workers.

This is our story and we cannot be more proud or excited. What started with the idea of ​​two media sites has turned into something much bigger – a supportive, interactive, pet-friendly community and a network dedicated to making life better for accompanying animals.