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This exotic looking kitty is mixed of the Egyptian Mau and the leopard cat (Prionailurus bengalensis) this lovely feline has created from the last hybrids domestics cats the “Bengal” name comes from the classification name. arrowhead markings and marbling those are the most noticeable appearance of the Bengals

breed overview

The Bengal cat can weight from 8 to 15 pounds and length around a foot and half but his most famous feater is his beautiful coat marbled coat or spotted outlined n black silver or chocolate with gorgeous green or yellow goldish eye and could live to 16 years old


this hybrid cat is somehow new in the feline family created lately in America the Bengal is a cross between the Asian leopard cat with domestic USA cat the name of this handsome creature is taken from old Latin of his grandfather ancestor Felis Bengalensis (Asian Leopard Cat) you may wonder what are the causes or the goal that push human to cross those tow breeds to get the cat we know today as the Bengal well all this mix was to is to preserve and transmit the wholesome physical strength and nice-looking appearance to the new grandsons and all that work came with result because Bengal is lately ranked as the 5th most popular cat in the united kingdom
the development of this breed wasn’t only to please the eyes of the owner this was also to help to protect wild cats as pets and to prevent them from wearing fur


Birman Cat Breed Profile Facts and Personality Traits


Bengal cat breed characteristics and personality

if you have kids or willing to have children or other family pet Bengal cat is perfect for you and your family and with his loving and loyal character, he will rapidly get used o you and the environment you put him in. like a wild cat Bengal cat help with his love for water and swimming and curiosity different attributes incorporate cleverness; Bengal cat is said to be adaptable and friendly, and they can frequently be loquacious.

Living With

this amazing cat is hyperactive who is incredibly athletic. Whenever given sufficient space for practice they can keep up weight without an excess of trouble. The Bengal completely should be able to run and exercise on his own. They are anything but difficult to keep groomed and appreciates being groomed.

Care and Grooming for Your Bengal

As cat breeds go, Bengals are genuinely low-upkeep and require about a similar measure of care as a local shorthair. Ordinary brushing, cleaning of the eyes and ears with a soggy fabric, and nail cutting are totally prescribed. Bengals can be genuinely critical about the neatness of their litter dish, so standard (twice week after week) litter changes can lessen the option that your Bengal will look for other toileting alternatives.

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Bengal cat Socialization

The Bengal is a social cat breed that appreciates human presence. They are known to coexist well with kids and with other family pets (truly, even dogs ). Bengals do have a solid chasing sense, so any little pets (rodents, feathered creatures, reptiles, and so on.) ought to be kept where your Bengal can’t reach them.


The cousin of leopard cat can have 2 unique examples: spotted/rosetted and marble. What’s more, the Bengal cat can arrive in a wide range of hues. Many are stunning! Some even copy the snow panther, the dark puma and the conventional panther. Wild N Sweet Bengals have some uncommon and astounding coat colours. Find this wonderful and amazing wild cat.



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