Can Cats Eat Apples

If you love your cat like most cat lovers do you want all the best for them, and you want them to grow healthy and happy.

The nutrition is an excellent start to take care of your lovely furry friend, we have always heard that apples a day keep the doctor away and yes apples are very healthy for us humans but what about cats ? can cats eat apples?

Can apples keep the vet away?

Let’s talk a bit about the benefits of apples in general, apples are full of antioxidants fiber, and flavonoids. They can even decrease the chance of getting cancer, hypertension and heart problems

So is it really good for my cat?

it is safe for you to feed your cat apples, but before that, you need to be very careful while preparing it because the ASPCA put apples in toxic human food for cats, it is not the apple the problem cats can be hurt with leaves seeds and stems those who made the apple so toxic for cats.

remove all leaves and stems before giving apples to your cat and be very careful with seeds because they are the most dangerous thing apples for your cat seeds contain something called cyanide.

This cyanide is very poisonous for a kitty if they swallow it, it may lead to more hazardous damages, even if apple seeds contain small amounts of it you need to be careful.

Now that you know why apples are mentioned as toxic for cats, how to clean the apple and how to serve it will be very beneficial to your cat.

What about applesauce?

applesauce may look harmless since it contains non of (stem, seed, leaves ) you may be right in this point but keep in mind that this applesauce is manufactured and provide a lot of chemicals that a fresh apple wouldn’t have.

but if you want to feed them your homemade applesauce, it can be okey, but don’t give your cat too much because homemade contain a lot of sugar and sugar isn’t good for cats.

How much apple should I give to my cat?

Cats like dogs love to chew on rough things, especially if it is edible like apples, so your cat may like the texture, but before giving it to your cat, clean the apple from all leaves and stems them wash it and take off all the seeds.

know that it is ready to be served you need to keep in mind that your cat is carnivorous so based on this, you can’t replace their normal meal by some fruits.

you can use apples as snacks for your cat a 1/8 of apples is more than enough for your cat and cut it in small cubes, so they cat eat it without getting any digesting problems.

if you give them too much apples in may cause stomach aches and vomiting ad even diarrhea so moderate, then the amount is the best choice.

Can i give it to my cat apple pie?

apple pie is okey in a certain amount but remember that you are feeding your cat a pie that contains sugar and sugar isn’t good for a cat they can’t even taste sweetens, so we recommend you to avoid it.


yes you cat give your cat some apples as long as you follow the rules no stem, no leaves, no seeds, and of course well washed.

in case you feed your cat some apples and you see weird or bizarre symptoms, you should call you to vet or take if you an appointment.

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