Can Cats Eat Balckberries

Blackberries are delicious, and besides being so delicious they also have a huge nutritional benefit like magnesium potassium and calcium their are very good for the development of your kids but what about cats ? can cats eat blackberries?

Cats are known as flesh-eater, and their routine is usually meat or manufactured cat food. Still, lately, some cats are becoming more interested in human food, and int fruits and vegetables; maybe it is their evolution, but until now, cats eating routine is meat.

Let’s get back to blackberries since blackberries have all those benefits and nutrients is it safe to give it to cats?

Can cats eat blackberries? have its benefits?

Yes, and yes, of course, your cat can eat blackberries without having any problems in reasonable quantity for sure because it has a huge health benefits.

Blackberries are low in fats and calories it means that adding this fruit to your cat diet will help him stay in good shape without getting some extra pounds just like us cats can get obese and diabetes or hypertension if they follow a chaotic eating regime (eating unhealthy food and highly caloric once).

Fortunately, blackberries are here to help them against what we ‘ve said right above this fruit is very useful when it comes to weight loss and weight regulation they high concentration of nutrient and vitamins like (A, B, C, E and K) present in this healthy fruit can boost your cat immune system blackberries will help the immune system of your cat fight infection and make its coat shine more then because it is rich with antioxidants and doesn’t forget keeping cancer.

Away your cat can say goodbye to bloating, abdominal pains and constipation with this fruit that is high in fibre it will help the digestive system of your cat all you have to add 2/3 blackberries to their meal, and you will see the result in a few days.

Fibres present in blackberries help also regulating blood sugar levels and reducing bad cholesterols in your furry friend witch means you keep your cat healthy for a longer period of time so you can share a happy life with it.

Can blackberries hurt my cats?

After you have read what the benefits of blackberries for cats maybe you are wondering about the potential risks and can day hurt your lovely kitty well keep it with us are, you will know in a few lines.

The ASPCA claimed that blackberries are mentioned in the list of deadly fruits for domestic animals.

Some experts say that blackberries aren’t deadly because of their taste or their smell or when digested there are in the list of deadly fruit because of their shape because some animals swallow it and the berries might be stuck in the nasal passage which will choke the poor cat.

and even if know how to give blackberries to your cat you need to know some other things about them and here they:

Cats are flesh-eaters you need to take this in cinsideration your cat has to eat meat and other cat food your cat use blackberries as a treat and never try to replace their main meal with any other fruit or vegetable and especially blackberries.

There is another risk with blackberries it is with the digestive system it may be assimilated blackberries because your cat isn’t used to them what you have to do is to give them some amounts of eat-in each meal so he can get used to it and avoid this problem.

Are blackberries toxic for cats?

The answer will depend on your kitty, and you, ( age, size and even the breed) play a role in that and you too with the amount or the quantity you are giving them each time.

If you feed them blackberries in small quantities, it is okey you don’t have to worry, but big problems come with significant amounts.

As we told you and you already know cats are hungry you need to take it in consideration to feed your cat the meat he need then you cat help it with some blackberries because their digestive system will treat like foreign substance until it gets used to it.

Cats are inquisitive and may eat blackberries before the meat if you give them both so in this situation you need to be present, and you know your cat better then anyone you know when giving them blackberries and when not.

How many blackberries can a cat eat?

Even if you look at all the benefits blackberries have to remember that its a cat your feeding, not a human and there is a big difference between the tow so be careful, so all you have to is to be cautious will serving blackberries to your cat the key is to be modest 1 or 2 pieces is more then enough for them.

If you give them more than that be prepared to digestive problems a,d stomach aches

Can cats eat blackberry pie or yogurt?

For yogurt, this can be more awful because most cats are known to have problems with lactose.

But the cat can eat yogurt without getting in trouble and in case the yogurt is a blackberries one it will be okey and keep in mind to moderate.

and for blackberry pie, it contains a lot of sugar no only cant taste the sweetness, but it can be harmful to them.

The crust is made from flour it can be indigestible for the cat, so we recommend your to avoid pies in general.

The conclusion

Yes you can and moderate the quantities
and don’t forget to wash them good and clean them and serve them fresh for your kitty with their daily meal, and you will have a gorgeous and healthy cat.

In case you see some side effects from feeding you cat blackberry consult your veterinarian and even before giving blackberries to your cat ask your vet about it so you can have a professional opinion.

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