Can cats eat beef jerky

Take fresh beef meat and dried the flesh and there you have some just fine homemade beef jerky, this type has been consummated and made from ancient Egypt, and now it had a lot of followers

as you may the technology we have now like refrigeration and conservation are quite recent, the only way back to eat the meat is to remove the moisture from the meat, so you find the dried one that we like to call beef jerky

Can i give to my can beef jerky?

Beef jerky is dried meat so why I shouldn’t give it to my cat? Yes, it is meat, and yes cats are carnivores their ancestors use hunt to eat fresh beef even if dried beef is healthy for them.

But all the salt and preservatives added to the meat may in some ways be harmful to your cat

even if beef jerky doesn’t contain all the sugar and fat that usually human snacks have it still can be toxic if it ate in a large amount so if you want to feed your cat beef jerky, it is primordial to moderate the amounts you’re giving to them.

Benefits of beef jerky in cats?

Now you know that you can give your cat some beef jerky you may wonder if it has any healthy or nutritional benefits for your furry ball for sure beef jerky is a better as a treat for your cat than all the crackers and cookies, its meat.

This type of meat is rich in amino acids, and your cat needs this acid to stay healthy, and don’t forget the good feeling it gives you while eating it meat has that particular taste that we all love, even your cat do love it.

If you have some doubts about feeding you cat human beef jerky there a safe alternative, you will find beef jerky for cats it is just the same as the one we eat, but it doesn’t contain all the preservatives and the additives that could be harmful to your cat.

Side effects of it on cats

You need to know that your cat may show one of these signs that could lead to more significant problems if you don’t regulate the amount of beef jerky you are giving to it.

Synthetic chemicals

if you try at home to make you own dried meat, you will see that meat start rotting so to avoid that manufacturers and industries use some component like preservatives and conservatives so they won’t lose half of the flesh,and these extra ingredients can be harmful and toxic for your cat

the main reason why experts asked to moderate the amount of beef jerky is because of these ingredients


as a cat owner, you may notice that your cat is a poor water drinker they now how much they need and they don’t sweat like human do, for these reasons salt can have dangerous effects on cats

eating too much salty beef jerky can cause dehydration, and the worst thing that can happen to your cat is dehydration, in some severe cases of dehydration can cause permanent kidney failure

but you can resolve that by feeding your cat small quantity of beef jerky and keep a water fountain ( because cats love flowing water ) near them so they can refresh them selfs after eating


some flavours and spices are unhealthy and even fatal for your cat, so you need to be careful if you want to share your beef jerky with your cat

onion garlic and chives and all their relatives are big NO those are the one that could hurt your beloved one badly; they can cause Heinz body anaemia by attacking reb blood cells of your cat


cat has better smell sense than human so they can smell you and what you’re bringing back home just by getting out of the car

if you have a very enthusiastic and curious cat just a few seconds can be enough for it to take the back of beef jerky and open it by itself and may eat the packaging too

most beef jerky packaging is made by silica gel, and even if it isn’t edible it is safe for cats, unless your cat all the packaging, in this case, it may obstruct its digestional tract

if it does so call your veterinarian a professional know how to handle that


In some rare cases, few cats are allergic to beef meat, and you can spot this allergy by simple signs like (hair loss, itching and rashed skin )

so if you find out that your cat allergic to beef meat or beef jerky you must stop giving them food that contains this type of meat

if the signs persist for a longer period of time , we recommend you to talk to you vet about this problem


Even if cats are flesh-eaters and they used to hunt meat to survive in other time , and beef jerky is made by beef meat you still need to be careful with it.

Because of all the salt and unhealthy ingredients and flavour that can lead to dangerous repercussion on you cat your cat can live without beef jerky, He can stay healthy and strong by eating his typical food and diet, remember that.

If you want to feed your cat beef jerky you can give them small amounts as a treat, and never replace their usual meal by this snack the result can be dangerous.

If something wrong happens to your cat or you see some side effects because of eating beef jerky you can ask your vet about it he will be much effective.

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