Can cats eat cherries

As a cat owner, you know what your cat eats and what he hates, and what treats he loves and what he don’t, but some people try sharing their love for some meals or fruits like cherries with they pets and this a big mistake is you don’t know the repercussion of this food on the digestive system of your tiny kitty.

if you want to share fruits with your cat this is less damage because most fruits are okey for cats, but you need to be careful about the amounts, and you cant replace your normal cat meal by cherries or any other fruit because cats are flesh-eaters.

Is cherry healthy or poisonous for my cat?

cherry tree and many cherries (laurel, wid, choke, ground, prunus, and domestic cherry)
unfortunately cherry is toxic and harmful for cats almost everything in cherries is considered as potentially toxic from seeds and blossoms to stems and cherry pits.

feeding your cat cherries can show symptoms and signs as heavily breathing dilated pupils and, in some cases, even death!

some other expert says that the fruit isn’t toxic for cats the only thing harmful about it is the plant because the cherry plant contained a high amount of cyanide.

this cyanide that push veterinarian to declare cherries as poisonous and we could agree more with them, we all want the best for your cats, and we should get away from anything that could be probably dangerous for them.

symptoms of cherry poisoning

the signs are varied from low to high level of toxicity it all depends on the cat and the number of cherries he eats.

if you see any of the following symptoms on your cat, you should call you to vet or take an imidate appointment:
-heavy breathing
-bright red mucous membranes
-low blood pressure
-pupils become more dilated

health benefits of cherries in cats

after you’ve read whats above, you should automatically avoid cherries to keep your cat safe and sonde.

but as we said the thoughts are divided some said it is poisonous and other it is very healthy after we talk about cherry being poisonous now we are going to talk about the healthy feature of this tiny fruits.

cherries among all the minerals and the vitamins in contains it is also rich with antioxidants
keep in mind that their body doesn’t require the quantity of them that your body requires antioxidants present in cherries help cats to fight rapid aging and cure injuries quickly.

let’s talk more about the benefits of cherries in cats body :

benefits of the digestive tract

cherries are rich in vitamins and minerals as we said, but your cat won’t need all those nutrients the main thing that he needs in the fiber.

fiber help is one of the ingredients that can be digested, but it will assist your cat during the digestive process.

adding some cherries to their meal will help them get more variated food and protect their stomach from getting irregular bowel movements.

Cherries are rich in antiinflammatory

if you have an adult cat or maybe your cat is having some moving issues like arthritis or any similar problem that cherries can help you cat moving and be active more smoothly.

say goodbye to heart problem cancer and diabetes recent researchers prove that cherries are healthy and can reduce the risk of developing this disease considerably.

you may have heard of melatonin and its impact on the nervous system and the brain it will calm it and cool it down naturally well this is just a theory based on the effect of melatonin on human, and maybe this is the same with cats.

tricks and tips on how to feed your cat cherries:

-avoid any contact of your cat with a cherry plant if you have one
-remove all the pite
-add some cherries to your cat food and keep them on their regular diet
-regulate and moderate the amount of cherries
-be sure that your cat isn’t allergic to cherries (give them 1/4 of cherries for the first time to see his reaction )
– clean and wash the cherries well

If you want to get the good and healthy features of cherries you need to know how to play t=on the quantity too much can be very dangerous and too few can do nothing so be careful.

So can cats eat cherries?

as you can see some says that cherries are toxic and other claims that it has a lot of benefits.

if your cat suffers from arthritis pr anxiety, you help them with those disease with adding some cherries to their meal but advice to talk to your veterinarian about it and even if your cat do have arthritis there are a lot of other option to use against it and them arent harmful for your cats.

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