Cats are cute affectionate and most of all curious they sniff around everything, so if you finish eating your meal, maybe your cat will be there after you licking the bottom of your plates and if you have used ketchup you may thing whether its good or bad for cats to eat ketchup.

In USA mayo, ketchup and mustard are essential in meals and some may not their food with those condiments.

lets go back to our subject ketchup is the sweet and spicy sauce (made from tomato, garlic sugar, onion, spices and vinegar and some include more ingredients).

as you may know that the enemy of cats is sugar, and ketchup contain a good amount of it, so does this make ketchup toxic for cats? we are going to answer this question and a lot more stay with us.

Can cats eat tomato?

The main ingredient in ketchup is in general tomato, and the question that comes after can cates eat ketchup. so can cats eat tomato?

commonly tomato fruit is edible for cats and can even have a good impact on your cat health because it contains a lot of fiber, and unfortunately, it is also rich in acid, and some cats do have acid intolerance and this the main reason why some owners don’t feed their cat tomato.

another reason why you shouldn’t give tomato to your cat is all the plant and what surrounds the tomato fruit like leaves Plante and stem are very poisonous so keep your cat away from it you can, and if you want to feed them tomato just because you like it we advise you to don’t do that before asking you vet about it.

Is ketchup toxic or safe for my cat?

Here we are, ketchup is yes! ketchup can be toxic and harmful for your cat even small amounts can have painful results on you kitty.

You ay know ask your self why this delicious sauce named ketchup is harmful to my little cat? let us help you understand more :

Acidity and salt

The acid present in ketchup, if, your cat consumes it can cause gastrointestinal problems and ends by diarrhea and vomit.

ketchup is acid and slaty yes it is salty even if you only taste sweetness while eating ketchup but it contains a lot of salt.

if your cat eats something with a large amount of salt in it like most ketchup sauces, it may cause dehydration, and cats usually do not drink enough water so dehydration can be a real problem for them.

Hypernatremia happens when your cat eats to much salt, and it can lead to horrible consequences.
the symptoms of hypernatremia ( or slat toxication )are:

  • extreme thirst
  • low-energy
  • body swelling
  • vomiting
  • diarrhea
  • loss of appetite

if salt toxication isn’t treated rapidly by a veterinarian, it can cause more hazardous damage to your cats like permanent kidney damage or even death in serious cases.

Garlic and onions

Onions and garlic also have a big part in the toxicity of ketchup for cats, even if used in powder.

Cats can have anemia by eating garlic or onion or any food that contains those tow because they attack blood cells.

your cat can develop “Heinz body anemia” just by eating ketchup that is high in garlic and onions your cat may show these signs:

  • fever
  • lethargy
  • urinal disorder
  • breath shortly
  • loss of appetite
  • loss of weight

we recommend you to get your cat for a check-up if you see those signs in it after he eats ketchup.

the main reason ketchup is forbidden for the cats is because of garlic and onions so be careful while feeding your cat if the food contains those tow.

More ketchup ingredient that could be harmful to your cat

Besides all the natural products like (salt tomato etc.) ketchup also have a considerable amount of synthetic chemicals that help the ketchup stay fresher longer.

In reality, these chemicals aren’t healthy for us humans, so what do you think about giving them to your cat!

Sugar is known to be unhealthy for cats because they can’t even taste it and sugar can cause obesity and diabetes for cats.

You might think that a fluffy round cat is cute and adorable but think twice and about the medical problems that could get your cat to be overeating sugar.

If your cat is suffering for other health problems giving them ketchup can only be worse and make them even sicker.

Can ketchup be healthy or not?

some people still think that ketchup has healthy benefits for cats because it contains tomato and as we said earlier the good side of tomato in cats.

This is just wrong ketchup inst tomato sauce this product is highly processed and during all those processes the tomato used in ketchup loss all the healthy benefits of it.

don’t forget all the chemicals used to maximize the taste and prolong its life those are highly poisonous for your cat.

My cat eats ketchup what should i do?

cats really need to stay away from ketchup because, because of all the natural or synthetic ingredient that could hurt them in a way or another.

In case you find your cat licking some ketchup from your hamburger, don’t stress out if it is just a few licks it will be alright because in small amount ketchup won’t do damage to your lovely furry ball.

but you have to stop them there so they cant eat more and so they won’t take this as a habit every time he sees a bottle of ketchup.

If your cat has eaten too much ketchup, some signs could help determine if your cats are poisoned by ketchup.
the symptoms of ketchup poisoning are :

  • diarrhea
  • intestinal irritation
  • loos of appetite
  • dilated pupilsyour cat will know he eat something wrong and he will try to fix it he will look for grass or green plants and start eating or chewing on them to help then take out the intruders.

so if you are eating french fries and your ketchup in your kitchen and leave for a few moments, then you came back, and you found out that all your ketchup is missing while your cat is running away from sight.

then now your cats’ life is in danger take it to your vet as quickly as possible a professional knows how to handle cases like this.


if you think about it for a second there is no reason to feed your cat ketchup; if you want to treat your cats there are some special treat for cats in the market.

Take care of your cat and feed him the food he needs to eat like cat food and meat and keep them away from ketchup.

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