As many of you know, cats can see in the night with their wide eyes, but are they sure this is true?

Well, we have news for your cat doesn’t have night vision like we used to believe in facts they see in the night very clearly better than us but don’t have night vision like we used to think.
most of us think that can cat see in pitch black because of their glowing eye in the dark.

Why cat eyes glow in the dark

If you shine a torch or your phone in the dark and ou directed toward your cat, you will see his eyes glowing and reflecting that light.

The glowing eyes of cats fascinate the world for thousands of years until technologies come and make things clearer for everyone about can cats see in pitch black?

some fun facts about cats glowing eyes :

  • Cats were associated with witches because of those glowing eyes in the dark.
  • In ancient Egypt when cats were godly at that time, they used to believe that cat catches the sun in the day with their eyes and they reuse it in the night.
  • Botts dots in the united kingdom are called cat eyes due to their reflection and similarity with cat eyes in the dark.

Why can they walk effortlessly and navigate in the house?

Color vision

Cats have a better vision in the night than us humans, and most animals do, but the thing is cats don’t see everything or not at all in colors at night, and this is because cats have limited cones.

The main function of cones is to see and detect the bright light, and we humans have more cones and well distributed.

This is the reason why you can see your cat catch a mouse at night but hardly reach it in the day.

Nocturne animals

This stand for creatures of the night their ancestors used to chase and hunt at night and this feature in decreasing with domesticated cats.

Cats have large corneas, and the septum helps refecting the light witch means why cats have a clearer vision at night.

VISUAL amplification

You can be in a bright room with lights everywhere, and your cats are coming your looking at him, and you think he sees you as you see him, no cats can see clearly in bright place in mather of fact you can compare it to you cat sitting in the complete dark in your room he sees you and you not so you might understand why cats pitch black.


If you see a car that is far from you by 50 meters, you can tell the color of that car, for your cat is impossible because cat vision range is limited to approximatively 6 feet.

But when the nightfall its a complete another story cat can see ten times better the human
Cats need to be close to objects to see them clearly and understand what is that whether day or night have week vision if you compart to ours.

Can cats see in pitch black?

Let’s answer this question once and for all ! as you may understand from reading this article cats can’t see in total darkness and no cats can’t see in pitch black, but they have a good night vision if you compare it to a human vision.

Cat cats see in the dark ? yes they can if you own a cat you should ‘ve seen them walking and jumping all over the house at night when you can bearly find the light switcher.

How can cats pitch in the dark?

We use our eyes to see, but cat beside using their they use another technic that is base on their whiskers to move by fel=eling what’s around them they are very good at it ( sensory interpretation ) and even their nose because they have doubles olfactory receptors than us.

some additional fact about cat eyes :

  • Cats have a lot of cone cells that are very useful at night
  • Eyes cat glow in the dark by a reflective membrane behind their retina it is there to reflect light into cones so they can navigate effortlessly.
  • Cats have a large blind spot due to their vertical pupil because they are predators and they need to focus on their pray and doesn’t need to watch their backs.
  • Cats dilate their pupil, so their eyes cat receive more light.


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