Cat Cats Eat Honey

Most of us love honey, and we use it in many ways. One of the best ways is to add it to cold and hot beverages to spread it sweet tastes, and most of us like it and don’t forget using it in a lot of culinary recipes because of it natural and healthy sweetness and the strong flavour.

Still, the thing that makes honey so famous it is the healthiness, healthy virtue of honey are nearly unlimited because it could help and sometimes cure some small allergies and throat problems, for example. Us we know our cats and their sense of curiosity and thi curiosity can lead them to your pot of honey have you ever asked if cats can eat honey?

Can cats eat honey?

To be simple and clear yes ! you can feed your cat some honey but keep in mind that if your cat eats honey, it doesn’t mean they he should it.

Honey isn’t in the list of toxic food for a cat, but you should take in consideration things before giving honey to your furry friend.

Pros and cons are the things that your cat shouldn’t be eating, and those are the main reason why some experts say that honey isn’t good for a cat.

Do cat cats digest honey?

The digestive system of cats differs a lot from human once cats need animals protein and fibres to their development, even us human need them. Still, in larger amounts, cats are flesh-eaters, that’s why they should be feed with something related to meet.

Unfortunately, honey is rich in fructose and glucose, and those tows are hard to digest for cats so you may reconsider giving honey to your cat this may cause some severe damages to your cat because he could digest sweetness as we human do.

Does honey have any benefits to cats?

As we said earlier hone is well known for its health benefits, and you may see or read some articles that proclaim the benefits of honey on cats, well their proclamation isn’t true but here are some benefits your cat can take from eating honey:

anti-inflammatory / antibacterial properties
wealthy with antioxidant
help to cure allergies

If your use to clear your throat with honey, we don’t recommend you use this method on your cat if he has throat problems call your vet and take some advice from a professional don’t risk getting your buddy sicker hen he already is with using some homemade medicine.

In worst case, what can happen to my cat if he eats honey?

The lake of fibre that has honey can lead to some stomach aches and some difficulty to digest even for a human baby is difficult to digest that’s why you need to ask your vet about feeding you cat feeding too much honey to your feline can cause:

-weight gain
-spike in insulin levels

Even a teaspoon of honey can hurt your cat, but it depends on your cat, age, breed, size, health and immune system.

Cats are known to suffer from diabetes and obesity, and froe kittens develop an immune system, so this type of cats should never approach honey it can be lethal for them.

How much honey can I give to my can?

Honey is highly caloric if your cat isn’t getting any problem eating it he will gain weight in no time.

But if you are obliged of feeding them honey for any medical reason, you shouldn’t give them more than half teaspoon per day.

Us we said earlier cat can get diabetes and obesity so be careful with honey and especially if your cat has one of these tow medical problems.

and if your cat show and side effects from eating honey you have to stop giving them honey immediately (like diarrhea and vomiting).

and if you own a tiny kitten, you should probably avoid mentioning honey in front of them due to their weak digestive system.

Does veterinarian recommend feeding cats honey?

Cats in their normal and natural diet don’t contain any sweets or sugar-related food they are based on meat, and this is the reason most vets don’t recommend giving honey to kittens they advise owners with alternatives that are more healty=hy for cats digestive system

If you want to give your cat honey just because you like it or you want them to taste some new flavour its NO
cats aren’t into sweetness and sweet things this is the first reason because they don’t taste sweetness at all.

Secondly honey can lead to awful side effects in cats like we said earlier and for cats who are obese or suffer from diabetes is very dangers for them.

and finally do keep in mind that cats fell very sick if you feed them too much honey so before doing anything consult with your local veterinarian and he will help you with more medical advice.


So now you know with we can’t give a direct answer( to cat cats eat honey ? ), yes cat can eat honey and yes it could be dangerous for them in many other ways.

Yes, honey does have some health benefits but also some awful side effects.

We recommend you to avoid feeding your cat honey because it can lead to some painful side effects for your kitty and if you’re obliged to give it to them because of medical reason.

Respect the measure of a half teaspoon and talk to your veterinarian before doing anything.

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