Cat Food – Nutrition Made Easy

If you’ve been keeping a cat for any length of time, you’re probably aware that cats, unlike dogs, don’t require a daily supply of food. However, a growing number of people have started keeping cats because their pets want to be part of the family, and a new breed of cat food has emerged.

Whole food cat food is the most popular, but there are other types, and most all manufacturers sell a mix of both. These are a mixture of natural ingredients like corn, oats, almonds, etc. Whole food also contains meat by-products like liver and stomach, plus whole grains, vegetables, vitamins, and minerals.

Cats and human babies are not different in terms of nutritional needs and as long as your cat is drinking a natural food, then the whole food cat food is going to be fine. But if you’re fed a “commercial” cat food, you’re probably making a mistake. Commercial food is loaded with sugar, preservatives, etc., and it is very difficult for your cat to digest.

The reason for this is that when commercial food is cooked, it’s partially cooked before being sent off to the manufacturer, so it retains its moisture and the moisture stays in the food. This causes foods like frozen meat to dry out faster, which makes the food taste dryer, and therefore a less healthy choice.

All commercial cat food is basically wheat or corn, some meat, and plenty of sugar. And as they are usually packaged in cardboard boxes, which are terrible for keeping the food fresh, commercial food causes the moisture in the food to get trapped in the cardboard. The moisture in the cardboard causes air to expand, which destroys the vitamins and minerals in the food.

The good news is that there is an inexpensive and easy solution to solving this problem, which is to purchase a food dehydrator. These dehydrators are designed to break down the grains, which can be tough for your cat to digest, into very small particles, which are easier for your cat to digest.

There are many kinds of dehydrating systems for the food industry, which are designed to work on a whole food basis. In this case, the food would be broken down into dry solids before they went on to the dry food manufacturers, who have an allergy to dry food. So the whole food is completely dried and then rolled into the package, but without the moisture.

So while you do get your cat food from the store, it’s cheaper, healthier, and better for your cat’s health. And if you’re concerned about the health of your cat, this solution will improve his or her health, because the food is much healthier and most likely does not contain all the contaminants and preservatives found in most commercial cat food.

Another big problem with commercial cat food is that many of the manufacturers have ignored the fact that your cat’s diet must contain adequate nutrition. They don’t consider it important enough to pay attention to, but they should. And this is why many of the diseases which are common in humans are common in cats, including heart disease, cancer, and many other fatal diseases.

Even though your cat’s diet has to be a mixture of natural ingredients, many pet owners continue to feed their cats commercial food, which is not a solution to the problems. I say this, because a growing number of people have discovered that a natural mix of foods, like dry cat food, can improve the health of your cat, and help him or her live a longer and happier life. It will also improve your cat’s energy and enthusiasm and even help prevent arthritis and hip dysplasia.

When you’re considering whether or not to try a natural whole food cat food, check out the ingredients. And do yourself a favor and look for ingredients like fish, grains, and dried fruit and vegetable matter, to make sure that you’re getting all the nutrition your cat needs.


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