Cat Twitching In Sleep

Cat twitching in sleep? what does it mean and why do cats do that

On average, cats spend 16 hours of their day sleeping, and maybe sometimes you witness a twitching during that long nap, so what does that mean, and should you be worried about it?

cat sleep

now you know that cats can sleep more than 16 hours so it means that a cat can spend more than 2/3 of his life in dreamland but while taking a nap or just sleeping cats normally have heavy sleeping but if he/she hear something or maybe your hand scratching his ears he switches to light sleep and if he/she hears anything that he used to as a door opening or a food call he can jump out of its sleep to run to it.

REM sleep

if you know what REM is, you are familiar with it i=in humans so why are talking about it in cats. Yes, cat experience REM, and for them who don’t know what REM is, it means ( rapid eye movement ), and this in science means that brain activity increases ad=nd with it the eye activity. That’s why when you see someone sleeping, your cat sees his eyes moving under lids.

REM is found in many creatures, and the majority of mammals have it too, and some birds that’s who we know that cats wand other dogs can have dreams and dream about you feeding them their favorite snack maybe.

cats get REM every 25 minutes it means that they dream a lot you can see them twitching they whiskers perhaps he/ she is looking for you in heir dreams unless humans we experience REM every 90minutes in average you can se the gape between human and cats.

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small twitches

the AAHA (American animal hospital association) explains cats twitches by comparing them to human REM, and that means when you see your cat twitching, he/she is in the deepest sleep.
twitching is the reaction of your cat is his dream if he is twitching whisker maybe in his dream he is chasing something or somebody

Types of sleep and witch one do cats twitch in it?

cats have three types of sleep, and he could have twitches in all three of them it means that if you see you cat twitching, he is a=in type of sleeping that differs from others

  • Light naps are the most common in cats may be in the middles of the day when he wants to relax and close his eyes he is just relaxing and in alert of what it’s surrounding him.
  • Mild sleep this type in between the first and third type its a little deeper than a light nap, but as more profound as the last, the cat in this type is still in an alert, but he can have twitches in this type because he is not sleeping.
  • deep sleep, and most of the time, this is a night sleep witch is deeper, and the cat is in total security he can relax and have all the rest he needs, and this type and only this one your cat may twitch because of the calmness of this sleep.

concerns about twitching

it normal fro case to twitch while sleeping just like REM in human or moving while your sleep but sometimes twitches can happen with the cat being dreaming it can be a sign of a seizure, but it’s infrequent but if you are a bit suspicious you cat take your cat for a check-up if this little twitches precise while the cat is sleeping and your veterinarian will tell you more about it.


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