Diarrhea in kittens

Diarrhea for a human is more or less common we can treat with some medicine or leave it until it passes it way, but when it comes to our pets its another story an especially for cats diarrhea is maybe just a sign of something more awful, and even if it is not only diarrhea Alon can lead to death for small kittens and you as a pet owner and cat lover you need to find a solution to the problem behind it and stop the symptoms that’s why we are here to help you doing this.

Anyway talk with a veterinarian to analyze and treat your little cat’s particular needs. There is no replacement for a little checkup with a vet.

Causes of diarrhea in cats

Food Allergies

Food sensitivities, eating too much, or eating things can likewise cause diarrhea. Things like bones, grains, or kitty litter can make intestinal blockages whenever eaten.

While a lousy eating routine is one of the most widely recognized reasons for diarrhea in cats, there are other potential causes too.

New Diet

While getting a new cat, it’s a smart thought to get some information about their eating routine. To stay away from possible intestinal problems, you can either keep on feeding your cat an identical eating diet or step by step, add your favored food more than a few days.

Combine more new food in the old food day by day. This will help your little cat’s touchy stomach to adjust to the new food gradually.

Also, watch out for that litter box. In case you can’t understand what your cat’s eating routine was before bringing it home, talk about that to your he will help you by proposing an eating routine that you will give to your little cat a good beginning in its new home.

Can cow’s milk cause diarrhea

Bovine’s milk is the main reason for diarrhea in cats because of the sensitivity of the digestive system in kittens. “Milk is the first thing that people give to kittens, and that’s why it’s also the main reason for diarrhea. Everybody guesses that is the thing that they need, yet it’s false. It will influence them rapidly,” says Dr. Mears.

So nix the milk! Rather, in the wake of weaning (at four a month and a half), utilize a little cat milk replacer blended in with cat food. By about a month and a half old enough, cats can be taken care of dry and canned little cat food.

Internal parasites also can cause diarrhea

Parasites, for example, roundworms and tapeworms, can agitate your little cat’s absorption and even deter their development. Your little cat must be dewormed at about fourteen days old enough and again at fourteen-day interims until they arrive at 12 weeks. From that point forward, they should be set on a month to month hostile to parasite item that is recommended by the veterinarian. This safeguard treatment helps control intestinal parasites and bugs, that can lead to tapeworms.

Environmental Stress

Moving to another house, getting new housemates (pet or human), and other environments can lead to diarrhea.

Contaminations or infection

Normal bacterial diseases like salmonella and campylobacter. Little cats can also contract infections, for example, cat immunodeficiency infection, panleukopenia, cat leukemia infection, and rotavirus.


Diarrhea is a side effect more then infection or a disease. It’s hard to determine if it’s harmless diarrhea or a dangerous beginning.
If you notice any other weird signs or symptoms added to diarrhea, you should take your cat to the vet for a consultation:

Blood in stool
Loss of appetite
Foul-smelling stool/frothy

In case there are no side effects, Dr. Mears recommends checking your little cat for some time without getting stressed.

And if “your cats are on a smooth eating routine without milk or treats, and they’re still suffering from diarrhea for longer than fourteen days, or if there is weight decrease or puking, your cat should see a vet.”


There are some easy ways for you to help preventing your kitten getting diarrhea.

Make constant food changes: Make sure any food changes that are made are done slowly, by adding the old and new food. include slowly a good amount of the new food through a period of seven days until your little cat accept and like the changes.

If your kittens Are on antibiotics you should know that the antibiotics aren’t just killing bad bacteria it’s in other ways eliminating the healthy bacteria’s that help the development of the kittens too . Get ,some information a,bout giving your little cat probiotics in case kittens should be on meds for a disease to help bolster its intestinal tract.

Kittens and adult cats can get internal parasites if they’re exposed to other animals outside if those animals already have them; after you, kitty poop, check it at least once a year if it contains worms so you can help to prevent diarrhea.

Fleas, worms, and ticks are known as parasite prevent those parasites their work aren’t only to stress your cat and annoy them there are also diseases carrier if you see them cure the before it’s too late.

Pheromones: Even stress can be a cause of diarrhea, so you can use pheromones at home to calm your kitten. These will help relax your cat and make it less likely to get diarrhea from stress.

Avoiding kitten diarrhea

The best way to avoid diarrhea is to give a common, nutritious eating routine for your cat and keeping them in a perfect area. Taking your kitten to your veterinarian for a few days, then bring your kitten back home, and you will see a remarkable improvement. the examination includes de-worming, fecal examination With those tests, be sure that your cat will be ready to live his/her life without any intestinal issue.

If your kitten get diarrhea and you want to cure it by your self at home you can do it you have tow option.
The first one uses to add pumpkin to your cat diet by adding small cubes of pumpkin in their meal. It will considerably decrease diarrhea.

And the second option is to add a powdered fiber supplement to you cat food before giving it to them, and it will also do the work
But we recommend you to ask your veterinarian about these methods before using them.

Diarrhea can come alone stay some days and passes it ways, and it can be a symptom of a more dangerous problem if diarrhea persists more then a week, you have to take your kitten to your vet to be sure nothing is happening to your furry friend.

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