Dog’s Fart Smells So Bad That The Poor Cat Pukes (w Video Evidence)

Just a video of two pets hanging out with their owner on a normal night although in few seconds the quiet night take another turn and most of you will find this hilarious that’s all it takes for a video to become viral on the internet and especially in the social media The title of that video say a lot I think it says it all.

“dog fart cat puke” The natural reaction of those tow fellas will crack at least a smile on your face or some laughter maybe Is still weird for us human to see that in animal.

and I think this is what makes this funny even it is normal behavior for animals The YouTuber who posted the video is famous for strange live streams “rex cyrmus “.

While the majority of his funny content is planned but we didn’t think he could handle a dog fart to make this video.

This video has gone really viral and has been viewed more than 2.5 Milion worlds wide By reading a few comments of the dog fart cat puke you can find some memes making out of that video at getting another round of laughter

Dog fart cat puke


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