European shorthair

This cat is maybe the most popular in Europe; you should’ve heard about it the European shorthair is a kind sweet loving furball.

If you’re into European shorthair and want to get one, we recommend you adopt one from shelter cats in shelters that are as lovely and sweet as the one shop.

In this article, we are going to talk a lot further about this beautiful cat breed keep it with us if you want to know more about this.

History of European shorthair

For you, if house cat means a cute cat who loves sleeping and like to cuddle and share his affection with his owners you may be right this the new house cat meaning but in reality house cat were something else in the past and especially this breed.

European shorthair was and still is known for his hunting skills and protector for his territorial.

This breed has roots, and they lead to ancient Rome, yes this cat was there when Cesar conquered half of the world, this cat has impressive hunting skills, and he made his name with that besides being strong and intelligent.

They used European shorthair as the first line of defense to protect the food and supplies from rats and other pests.

Fortunately, this 2020 European shorthair won’t be jealous of his older ancestors because he can be a great hunter like they were.

The origin of the contemporary European short hair is from Sweden/fenland and still got the best characteristics of the roman once.

We can confuse between the British and the European shorthair, but the European shorthair was bred with different traits from the British shorthair.

Some experts and researchers in genetics made some tests for several cats around the worlds and fin the European shorthair have a lot of similarities with the North American shorthair.


The European shorthair is a beautiful cat general he comes in a grey coat with different patterns, but you can find it many other coat color and a shorthair as his name says.

Male can weight around 15 pounds and females an average of 12 pounds with gorgeous eyes that can go from blue and amber to green and even odd-eyed.
European shorthair has a life expectancy 15 TO 20 years.


You are going to love this breed; it’s very hard to find someone that doesn’t like European shorthair check by your self the characteristics of this breed:


This breed is perfect for kids. The personality of this cat is to be tolerant and playful a good mix for kids. European shorthair will be happy to run and play with your kids as a natural hunter he will look for something to since he cants hunt in modern days so he will spend his energy in, but if you don’t have kids you will find something to love in this cat keeps on reading.

Affectionate with family

Cats show their affection in different ways, and this differs from cat to cat some are independent and some affectionate their owners or the one they raise them, but for the European shorthair you will have the affection you want not only but all you family you will be amazed by his sweetness.

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Due to modern genetics and mixing breeds, some breeds will be born with some genetics that will result in the future by developing some diseases. You should search and look around before getting a kitty, so you be prepared for any occasional problem.

Friendly with strangers

This is also an important characteristic of European shorthair because hi is very curious and playful he won’t be shy or afraid fro strangers like another breed.

However, cats that have been exposed to many people and different people when it was a kitten will have a better approach with it grow up.

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This may be one of your critters because some owner is used to calmness in the house and don’t want a cat that they judge “noisy” and European shorthair is in the middle his meows when he needs to.

Hair shedding

If you are a cat owner you know that you will have to deal a certain amount of hairs and the hair shedding depends on the cat breed and age, and sometimes health issue some cats we=hen they are stressed tend to loos more hair then usual and for this particular breed be ready to clean up after it.


Cats just like a human there are some smarter then others, European shorthair is very smart, and he requires some mental stimulation to keep him bright as he is some interactive cat games will help them develop their creativity.

Pet friendly

If you are a pet lover and want a playful social and pet-friendly cat the European shorthair is made for you, he will play and interact with other pets just like he did with humans.


Grooming differs from breed to breed some needs a lot of brushing and patience, and other can rely on themself just like the European shorthair you can brush him once a month if you want and maybe it won’t be necessary.


With the reputation of the best house cat, what do you want more from this cat? he is affectionate great with kids playful and smart this looks like the ingredients for the best-domesticated cat.

This breed is very affectionate and playful he will be into a game whenever you want to, and if you are in a bad mood he will be here to cuddle and share his love with you.


As any respectable cat lovers, you should be serious about your cat care and make monthly appointments with your veterinarian to check up on your furry friend.

If you see some strange behavior or abnormal reaction consult your vet to get clear about this potential problem.

European shorthair needs to scratch his body quotideinly and you as his owner you need to add some scratching post so he can help himself with them.


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