Cat lover is the one who knows more than the average person about cats and wants the best our beloved friends but when it comes to such majestic creatures as feline there is maybe some fun fact about cats that most of us don’t know and even the cat lover doesn’t

In the following article, we will provide you with 10 fun and interesting facts you don’t know about cats.

1. Some cats actually like water


As an example, one of the oldest cat breeds ever know the Turkish Angora is known for its smooth body and high pointed ears This variety is normally attracted to water and some owner said coming back home to find their cats playing and swimming like dolphins in their swimming pool There are a couple of different breeds that have been known to like water like the American Shorthair Maine Coon American Bobtail and the Turkish Van.

2 Cats are manipulative when they should be


We all know that when your little kitty is hungry he isn’t stop complaining about it until he gets what he want They will rub on you paw at you and some may even yowl as loud as possible While this may show up something like a pain call cats to practice this conduct to control their proprietors to get what they want!


3 cats dream simply like us


Have you ever thought about what cats dream about? Or if they do dream like us human! their small feline brain produces a similar cerebrum wave that we do to send them into another dimension.

4. Cats can get sick by eating chocolate simply like dogs

Usually, dogs and cats can be compared but, in this case, we have to do it.
Cats additionally can’t endure chocolate and digest it, it can make them become sick cat are flesh-eating essentially and they don’t have a preference for the sweet stuff, all things considered, make certain to be cautious when forgetting about it so kitty doesn’t discover it.

5. They can endure heat very well in spite of the fur

Hundreds of years ago big cat the ancestors of our domesticated cats were known to endure spikes of temperatures very well may be our tiny kitty has this virtue from them Along these lines cats can endure high temperatures well and gasp to cool themselves They even can perspire through the cushions on the bottoms of their feet.

6. Watch out, not too close


Cats are farsighted due to their lard eyes that can’t help them to focus on something closer than a foot Fortunately they can use their stubbles to detect things that they can’t unmistakably observe.

7. Don’t call it a cat nap


As the days go on you may think you own a narcoleptic kitty on your hands it’s really normal for your cat to invest the vast majority of their energy sleeping All things considered a trained feline spends roughly 2/3 of its life snoozing Must be decent!

8. Cats don’t have collarbones


Without a collarbone, this feature helps cats to fit through openings the size of their heads maybe now you know how kitty slick with their body in places you didn’t think it fit them.

9. You are not allergic to cats


This fact is for all the people that say they are allergic to cats
Actually, there is no allergy to cats (themselves) hypersensitive people aren’t allergic to cat fur they do to cat dander
Due to the hormones secreted it cat saliva and get stuck in their fur by the cat toilet (bathing).
And there is some breed that is known to be more hypoallergenic than others.

10. Catnip Isn’t Just for Kittens


It may sound outstanding but catnip can have a good effect on cats from younger to older and the most majority of cat breeds to Reports have indicated that catnip has an effect on all cats yet even large cats, for example, leopard lions and tigers… also have their Fellini!


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