Houseplants Safe For Cats

If you care about your cat and his health you might think about all the houseplants in his living area maybe there is some plants you have that are noxious for them in this article we will help you to find houseplants safe for cats and nontoxic that won’t harm your pet and add some colour and beauty to your interior.

Houseplants are usually used to add some Charm and warm to the house but many plant species can be harmful and hurt your pets and many people didn’t think about it.
Just think about it you working or doing something outside your cat is curious and find this green plant with some colour on it he smells it then he munches on a leaf or two you want back home late and finds you cat sick to avoid all this there is some nontoxic plant and safe houseplants for cats you should know and have if you own cats and you like houseplants.

1. Air plants

Air plants Houseplant
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This tiny plant might look delicate and fragile but it’s just an illusion they are very resistant and easy to care of you can just arise them every week or two if they aren’t rooted in your soil you cat and pets may think of it as a toy so take care of it by watching your cats!

2. Gloxinia

gloxinia Houseplant
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The gorgeous bloomers are known to be gift plant also named by Sinningia speciosa plants you might get one during holidays
This beauty doesn’t require anything special just some light and water and she’ll be just fine as she would be with you pets this safe Brazilian plant;

3. baby tears

baby tears Houseplant
VIA Pixabay

The little green leaves of Soleirolia soleirolii adds charm to terrariums little hanging shoes and friendly plant around the base of indoor trees Use this plant to cover the dirt and to demoralize pets that like to dive in your houseplants.

4. African Violet

African Violet Houseplant
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If you are looking for houseplants that are friendly and produce stunning blossoms? Look no farther than African violet It arrives in a scope of purple and pink tones is low support, and flourishes without brilliant light Keep the dirt tolerably clammy and water African violets by letting them absorb water through the pot’s waste opening to abstain from harming the leaves and petals This blossoming houseplant can light up even the littlest spaces since it remains under 12 inches tall.

5. Hibiscus

hibiscus houseplant
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This safe plant has more than a thousand colors option yes you read that right a thousand For a sample of the tropics go for hibiscus rather than amaryllis which is noxious and toxic to your cats in case you’re feeling truly valiant go for a hibiscus tree!

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6. Banana

Banana houseplant

Normally this plant is toxic to pets like dogs and cats however the banana (Musa) is an another think this safe plant is ok for all pets Rich soil brilliant light and customary watering will imitate the normal living space of the banana.

7 Some Varieties of Ferns

Some Varieties of Ferns houseplant


There are a few plants with “plant” in their name that are not quite of the greenery family Genuine greeneries, for example, Boston and maidenhair are reasonable game as indoor plants ok for cats Simply be careful with poisonous misnomers like asparagus greenery which is very of the lily family Despite the fact that their size can shift most greeneries have comparable requirements They like humid climate and roundabout light equally clammy soil.

8 Impatiens

impatiens houseplant
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Impatiens are probably the most famous nursery stars come spring Pruned variants in orangey-red or profound purple can light up your place without hurting your cat and they like shade which is good for spaces with restricted light.

9. Venus Fly Trap

Venus Fly Trap houseplant
VIA Flickr

Predatory plants make a fun and crazy expansion to the houseplant assortment yet what happens when the cay needs to jump on one of those snares when they snap shut? Venus flytraps (Dionaea muscipula) are non-harmful to cats and dogs so an inquisitive snack won’t bring about an excursion to the vet Brilliant light and water system with refined water will keep your snares in a fly-getting condition.

10. Some Herbs

Herbs houseplant
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Indoor herb gardens are a simple method to add new flavor to your home prepared dinners Yet not all herbs are made equivalent with regards to you kitten health Norms like lavender and oregano are beyond reach yet basil sage and thyme are altogether houseplants that are cat-friendly Spot herbs in a bright window that gets at any rate four or five hours of direct daylight consistently and water when the top inch of soil is dry.

11. sunflower

sunflower houseplant
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Nothing says “satisfaction” like a bundle of sunflowers on the lounge area table indeed even a solitary yellow bloom can improve a space! (Simply be certain you’re purchasing the genuine article and not a daisy in sheep’s attire Daisies are toxic to kitties).

12. Orchids

Orchids houseplant
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Orchids are wonderful houseplants that arrive in an assortment of energetic hues and species and are easy to get These shiny blooming plants are tall and fragile but at the same time are a friendly plant with cats and other pet They don’t need much water and light-exposed for much of those tows it can die.

13. Lipstick Plant

Lipstick Plant houseplant

This peculiar plant has blossoms that resemble containers of lipstick and its friendly with cats and dogs the same (different individuals from the Peperomia family are, as well) lipstick plant flourishes in splendid light and cherishes being outside in the hotter months It can grow up to 20 inches tall and likes to have constant wet soil, so remember to water!

14. Succulent

Succulent houseplant
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Not on the delicious train? Get on Board Succulents are in vogue simple to think about and the ideal expansion to everything from a shelf to a restroom Simply observe and maintain a strategic distance from the not many that are might be harmful to cats: aloe, jade, pencil prickly plant.

15. Cast-iron plant

Cast-iron plant
VIA Flickr

This is maybe the ideal house plant for a cat proprietor It requires almost no consideration ( adds warm character to a room and requires a periodic prepping sesh (cleaning down the huge green leaves) Help you to remember anybody you know?

16. Mosaic Plant

Mosaic Plant
VIA Flickr

One of the regular names of Fittonia spp nerve plant has the unfavourable sound of something that influences the sensory system, in any case, this rainforest local with beautiful white or pink veining on its leaves is non-harmful to cats the little houseplant flourishes in low light with moderate watering.

17. Tradescantia Zebrina

Tradescantia Zebrina houseplant
VIA Flickr

A very attractive plant colorful and delicate twisting leaves add a fly making a pleasant look at the end and among all this plant is safe for cats It can live up high on a hanging bushel and just requires light backhanded light for part of the day.

18. Rose

rose houseplant
VIA Flickr

Finally and how can we close this colorful list with the most beautiful plant among all the other we are talking with the best seller roses and we are so happy that those beautiful plant are pet friendly and aren’t toxic or harmful to our loved cats at least the only way for roses to be harmful is for you kitty to swallow a thorn or a prick
We hope you like this rundown and we would be pleased if you share it with all you cat lovers.


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