how long can cats go without water

Any living being cant live without food and water every creature depends on these tow things even us, but here we are talking about cats and yes even our lovely furry friends cant live more than three days without a source of water but how long can a cat go without water?

Felines, in general, are known for their self-sufficiency and their survival skills, and domestic cats are good at that too.

Even with those skills, water is a very primary thing for any creature, and it would be hard for cats to live longer without it.

You should know that the cat’s body is composed of approximately 75% of water! That’s why you shouldn’t let your cat endure dehydration and make sure you are providing them with the water they need before leaving them for work or any other thing you want to do.

How much water do cats need?

Common cat owners leave a bowl full of water, and their cat will use that bowl whenever they feel thirsty but have ever think about how much your cat consumes water? well the consumption of water depends on many factors

  • The age and the size of your cats will have an impact on how much water he/she needs an older and large cat will need more water than a tiny young kitten.
  • The food have also a big part in the consumption of water with cats because dry food will affect the cat and he needs more water to equilibrate and if you feed your cat more hydrated like watermelon your cat won’t need that much of water as usual ( read our article cat cats eat watermelon).
  • Three, the coat and the skin are one of the best proof that your cat is getting enough water when you find your cat skin is elastic, and the coat is shiny you know you he is doing good.
  • a cat need an average of 2/4 ounces of water plus the food and its hydration features.
  • urination: cat pee regularly.
  • The cat’s activity is also a big sign that your cat is getting what he/ she needs is your cat is active; it is okey.

What happens if my cat doesn’t drink enough water?

This isn’t a common question, but we are going to help you find the answers. Maybe the solutions we are providing will help someone someday.

After a couple of days with any source of water the cat with a start suffering from down the stomach, this is the sign of hepatical failure, and it means liver problem, and honestly, this is pretty awful.

After that the cat muscle mass start breaking down this is called catabolization in medical terms which is unbelievably painful for the poor kitty, and finally, it ends by a slow, painful death.

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how long can cats go without water

What happens if you forget to give your cat water while you are out of town? And how long can a cat live without water? Would it die inside a day or would you be able to leave it for seven days, what would you find coming back home?
Yes, a typical cat can make it for a couple of days without water.

If your pet has a water source accessible in your home, your cat will have the option to live, regardless of whether you fail to remember if you left food for it or not. Without water, your cat couldn’t live more than a week with it because of its primordial for them as it for us.

Without water, a cat will suffer from hepatic problems, and its bulk will catabolize, causing awful and slow death for your poor cat.

It is rare that without water for over a week, so it will be smart to leave a considerable amount of water for your cat, so if something happens to you and you couldn’t make it home this week, your cat will be there waiting for you healthy hydrated.

How to know if my cat is dehydrated?

What if your cat doesn’t have all the water he/she needs during the day? Maybe the split the bowl their drinking of you forget on a hot summer day how can you tell?
So that’s why you need to know the main signs of dehydration so you can avoid getting your cat medical problems.

The most common symptom is the tenting of their skin it means that the cat skin is less elastic then the normal you can try a natural and simple test try to pinch the skin above their shoulder then release it and usually the skin will snap back into their place as it used t be.

If not, your cat is showing signs of dehydration, and the more slowly the skin takes to get back in place, the more your cat is dehydrated, and if the skin from a tent means that your cat is very dehydrated.
additional signs of dehydration :
-dry gums
-avoiding and doesn’t eat food
-tired and stressed your cat is active as usual

What should I do if my cat is dehydrated

If you find that your cat very dehydrated take it? He and the vet will proceed to something similar to the human iv and its fluids ander the skin, and your cat will be healthy and alright in no time?

If you think that your cat is dehydrated or has suspicions about it, stop reading and call your veterinarian to help you fix it.

  • for mild dehydration start giving water to you and help your cat with small amounts of Pedialyte every 10 minutes.
  • secondly add warm water to their food and start feeding it to them.
  • alternated between the diluted food and the Pedialyte for your cat until your cat seems stable to be independent and drink and eat by itself.
  • it for cat throw up the food you can give him some food that he isn’t supposedly eating like ice chips jus to help him get better.
  • Buy a cat water fountain it will help him drinking more water.
  • and finally if you don’t know what to do or you’ve been stressed out by seeing your cat in this condition your cat take it to the vet, and he will take care of it.


If you are a pet owner, you should know that having a pet and especially a cat is a lot of responsibility the cat or the pets depend on you with you they can’t make it . all you have to do is to give them some food and all the water they need and take care of them and play with them is the daily routine of a cat owner.

Be sure to give water to your cat while going out so it won’t be dehydrated when your fare from it.


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