This normal family woke up to something unusual, their barn car was pregnant, and this morning, she gave birth to a cute two-faced cat.

Kyla and BJ King

This happens in Albany, Oregon in the house of King family, Kyla has been caring this barn cat, and she was pregnant. When the birth day approach she made for here everything to make the birth comfortable.

An ordinary Wednesday until she goes to check on here future mommy cat then she found that she gives birth the owner was happy having new kittens at home, so as a normal person she starts checking the new kittens one by one until she picks on of them to see it closely then she was stunned to see it face! He has to tow little faces.

The keyla king said, ” I was checking all the kittens that I was grabbing the last one. He was on his stomach he’s head wasn’t uncommonly big, but when when I turned it, I was amazed by his tow faces.”

Kyla and BJ King

The family contacts their vet to know how to deal with this new buddy since they never see something like this. This poor tiny kitten has problem nursing, so Kyla start bottle feeding him to make sure he gets all the nutrients he needs to be healthy like his brothers and sisters. The name him biscuits and gravy.

He has tow pairs of eyes, tow ears, and tow mouths.
Imagine trying to feed him it maybe looks hard, and it is
Kyla said ” I drop small drops one at a time so he won’t choke when he tries to swallow.”

Kyla and BJ King
Kyla and BJ King

This tiny cat share with them his strong will to live, so Kyla feed him in the first mouth, then she changes to the other mouth when he eats with one sometime he tends to meow with the other mouth.

Kyla said “I’m willing to do the best I can to make this kitten have a happy life”

Kyla and BJ King

All this is due to a very rare condition called disprosopus and also called Janus cats. There is another cat who has the same condition he was named frankenlouie and lived for 15 year(the longest-lived janus cat ) And janus cat (two faced)and he is 11months old and still willing to live.

Watch Biscuits the tow-faced cat in this video


Buscuits is lucky he has two moms who want to take care and feed him his cat mother and Kayla.

This very rare towfaced cat is having a good and healthy life so far no one knows how long he is going to live but the king family are doing their best for biscuit.

Kyla and BJ King

If you don’t take the tow face thing in consideration theirs no deference between him and his siblings.

“Biscuit is gift for us and a symbol of persistence and patience he is a real fighter and we are here to help him live a normal life”

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