medium hair cat

Medium hair cats are becoming more and more popular lately because they are a mix of what cat owner like and look into a domesticated cat affectionate cute and playful.

Medium hair cats are famous with their thick double-coated fur, and it comes in so many colors and hues depending on what breed you are choosing.

And every medium cat breed have his personality and character, but we can agree on their affection and playfulness


The first medium hair cat in the USA came on the Mayflower, pilgrims maybe you get it by your own, but medium hair cats are the result of many years of mixed breeding with many types of cats short and longhair cats tha provide us with this beauty.

Even if they are decent of longhair and shorthair cat breeds, but they a complete new breeds with their temperament and traits and some breeds took the best from their ancestors.


weight : from 11 TO 22 lb
lifespan: up to 17
height: 9/14″
temperament : playful, affectionate ,energetic, love practicing , sometimes independent

Those breeds that are reunited with their coat ca have very different traits and temperament from very affectionate that will share his love with you all day without getting tired of you to independent he will need you only when he is hungry.

But medium hair cats are as excellent as house cats, and if you are new in the cat world and want to adopt a new kitty the medium hairs cats are made for you.


Living with medium hair cat

As we said in their history, they are a mix so you can’t predict their temperament and their traits like any other breed.

Some of them are quiet and like to cuddle and sleep on your laps, while others want to run in the house at 2 am.

Some are very affectionate and want to sleep within cold winter night, and others will come to see and meow at you when they find their bowl empty and then leave.

The only thing that s common between al medium hair cat breed is the thick double coat . kittens with medium hair tend to be more vocal than others, but with time and while growing up they stop meowing for no reason or maybe it is you that get used to their calls no one knows.

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Health issue and concerns

Medium hair cat has some common health problems that they took from their ancestors, and most of them are food-related.

Chronic kidney disease

The signs of KDC are increased urination/drinking, diarrhea, vomiting, and weight loss, inappetence, this problem shows up later in the cat life, and all breeds can suffer from it and not only medium hair cats.

CKD is a degenerative illness tha shows up signs when it reaches 70 % and starts dysfunctioning.


If you are used to fulling your cat’s bowl and let eat as they want with the other cat we recommend you to avoid doing this with medium hair cats because those breed doest know their limit with it comes to eating and when they see their bowl they could control their self so they finsh it all even if its too much.

As we know, obesity doesn’t come alone. Many diseases can follow after you get fat, like diabetes high blood pressure and cholesterol, so be careful with this cat-eating routine.


This hyperthyroidism means, and overproduction of thyroid hormone and this happens when the thyroid gland has a tumor, and it may end by being cancerous, this disease shows in older cats, and the symptoms are vocalization (more than usual), hyperactivity, matted: greasy hair coat, thirst, and weight loss.

With older medium hair cats can appear other diseases:

bladder stone
ear mites or infection
periodontal disease
inflammatory bowel disease

Care and grooming

Medium hair cats are perfect for new cat owners because they are strong and healthy cats that arent demanding and doesn’t need to much care.

But as you may have seen, they are called medium hair cats, so that’s mean they have a coat, and we’ve talked about this thick double coat, and now we are going to explain how you should be with this coat.

Medium hair cats need a weekly brushing so they can be healthy while showing their beautiful coat, and clip their nails once every two weeks too.

Those breeds are safer indoors since they are mixed breeds. They still have that hunting nature that they want to develop more and practice in real life, so it’s preferable for you to keep them Indore to avoid any future problems like weight gain or boredom.

Some cat breeds with medium hair

Siberian Cat
Turkish Angora Cat
Abyssinian Cat
Tonkinese Cat
Turkish Van Cat
American Bobtail Cat
Ragdoll Cat
Somali Cat
Havana Brown Cat
Ragamuffin Cat
American Wirehair Cat
Balinese-Javanese Cat
Egyptian Mau Cat
Bengal Cat
Birman Cat
Chartreux Cat


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