Owner Got A Cat In 1988, Did Not Expect To Throw Him A Birthday Party 30 Years Later, Making Him The Oldest Cat In The World

Meet Rubble, the “oldest cat on the planet!” Rubble is an eye-popping 30-year-old British kitty that lives in Exeter, England. His proprietor, Michele Foster, got the ginger and white cat when he was as a twentieth birthday celebration present to herself in May of 1988.

Owner Got A Cat In 1988
Ancient: A British woman claims to have the world’s oldest cat who aged 28 is a year older than the American record holder

What a blessing he has been! The cat has been a great ally for Michele every one of these years and she says he is adoring and faithful. She credits his long life to heaps of adoration and spoiling, “similar to a kid .”

Generally, the cat has been moderately healthy however has hypertension. He is dealt with restoratively by Dr. Shawn Moore of City Vets, who ensures that he is steady and sound. “Rubble is very prone to be the most seasoned cat in the UK is as yet going strong. He is taking medication for his blood pressure yet separated from that, he is in surprisingly great wellbeing.” Said Dr. Moore.

Owner Got A Cat In 1988
Pampered: Ms Foster puts his incredible longevity down to the fact that she never had her own children and looks after him like she would her offspring

When Michele was inquired as to whether she would enter Rubble into the Guinness World Records, she reacted:

“He has a lot of life left in him yet, yet I don’t figure we will go down the Guinness World Record course as I don’t know he might want loads of individuals coming to see him or a whine being made out of him. He is old now and dislike an excessive amount of consideration or be bothered. We would like in the event that he was simply forgotten about to live his mature age in harmony.”

Owner Got A Cat In 1988
Sleepy: If Ms Foster’s claims were officially verified then Rubble would beat the current Guinness World Record Holder – an American cat Corduroy who was born in August 1989

The past Guinness Record oldest kitty record holder’s name was Cream Puff. Cream Puff lived 38 years and 3 days. Obviously nobody can anticipate to what extent the lovable Rubble will live yet we do realize that he will be ruined by his proprietor until the day he crosses the scaffold.

To give you a thought of how amazing it is that the feline has endured this long, the normal household house cat lives around 15 – 20 years. Open-air felines live on a normal of 2 – 9 years.

Owner Got A Cat In 1988
Cute: Ms Foster, from Exeter, Devon, says that, although she was proud of her pet’s achievement, she was unlikely to go down the world record route – as she doesn’t want to turn Rubble into a celebrity

We wish Rubble an upbeat 30th birthday celebration throughout the entire year and expectation he has numerous extremely solid and cheerful days ahead!

Owner Got A Cat In 1988
Roar: Because he is stone deaf, he has got a very load meow, which is quite funny, according to Ms Foster

It would be ideal if you share his momentous story and the too charming photographs of the most seasoned cat on the planet with your loved ones


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