Samsung Redesigned Its TV Boxes to be Easily Converted Into Cat Houses and Entertainment Centers
Photo: Samsung

Recycling cardboard box became a trend!
You can just ask your son or any kid what would they do with an empty cardboard box and see what they imagined would build with it, Samsung is the one who pop-up with this new idea and it’s making a lot easier for anyone to recycle his Tv packaging or any magazines and household stuff into something more useful.

Samsung comes with this new feature to have a better environmental impact by reducing carbon footprint and the second reason why they are making this is to help the consumer with their old packing, that are taking a lot more spaces in their homes year after years as long as the competition is still going between tv and furniture companies. “Eco-friendly corrugated cardboard” This is what Samsung claims be using in the near future or their TVs serif and the frame, The multinational Korean company didn’t publish the components of this ecological cardboard but we believe this new type of cardboard will be made by more recyclable materials.

Photo: Samsung

Normally recyclable cardboard is transport to other manufacturers and used as primary material but after breaking it down with other machine and chains goes on here come to this new features it does need any of the last steps we sited. The cardboard itself is dotted and perforated with a matrix that helps the user to cut it up and reuse it other objects just by scanning the QR code in the back of the box with a smartphone will provide a very descriptive manual to recycle your cardboard into something more useful like a cat house for your little kitty.

Photo: Samsung

After you build your cat house and your cat likes it and move in it it will certainly be full of hairballs this isn’t a big problem. The problem you will be facing is that even after cutting all the box and reassemble it into a cathouse the Samsung logo is still there facing you with pride the matrix is studied to leave the Samsung logo intact
You can fix this with a can of Spry.


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