The missing cat she came back home after 7 days during the roasting bushfires
Ben Symonds and his family were gutten when their cat Angel (left) ran into bushland while a bushfire around them raged in NSW (file image). Credit: Ben Symonds/AAP/Reddit
  • Angel vanished from her family home in Bemboka in the midst of bushfire.
  • She was absent for seven days, keep on leaving nourishment if she returned.
  • Supernaturally she made do with just minor burns to her ears and around her eyes.
  • The family trust Angel slithered into a wombat opening to get away from the wild inferno.

A missing cat has to get back in the wake of vanishing for seven days during a thundering bushfire on the New South Wales south coast.

The Symonds family from the Bega Valley lost their pet cloth doll cat Angel in bushland close to their property in Bemboka as a bushfire consumed.

The inferno harmed their home and assaulted the encompassing zone, leaving the family with little any desire for discovering Angel alive.

The missing cat  she came back home after 7 days during the roasting bushfires
Angel before (L) and after (R) surviving the fires.
Credit: Supplied

Seven days went with no hint of their pet, however, the family continued putting nourishment out for her and calling her name outside their home in case she had endured.

‘We truly expected in the event that she endures she’d return in 3-4 days,’ Ben Symonds told 7News.

The family had everything except lost confidence when Angel made an inexplicable return, with Mr. Symonds, his mom, and stepdad recognizing her sitting in the backyard


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