What is a female cat called

Male cats are called tom or tomcat, and everyone knows it. Still, no one knows how female cats are called, and this is unfair.

We are here and now to clarify this up and help you to know more about cats and their appealing and especially to answer this question whats a female cat called?

Male cats are called tomcat due to the large notoriety of tom and jerry show with this cartoon. The majority knows the name of male cats, but what about females? Do they even have names?

Whats a female cat called?

well a female cat has many names, not just one, and it depends on the state and the development of the cat and here are those names:


the most used name for a female cat is molly if you are a pet owner you should’ve heard this one before.

a female cat is called molly not “molly cat” this used just like tomcat for males and this name get appreciated by the audience that it becomes the name of female cat names.


if your lovely princess is pregnant then she is becoming a queen ! this name is used to call female cats that are breeding nursing or pregnant, this name is here to show thi importance and highness of the cat when she is bringing life to this world.

from molly to the queen when she gets pregnant, and both of you might like this name
so now you know how you call a pregnant cat.

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After molly and queen come the last one and the less known too dam is more technical terms, the other barrier means a purebred female cat while recording breeding.

So you understand why this name isn’t famous as the others, and you probably won’t hear this term in a normal conversation, but if you do, you know what it means now.

we will be pleased to know if you could tell us about your molly or your tomcats in the comments.


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