Why Does My Cat Knead Me But Not My Husband

Everyone who owns a cat knows what he does what he like whats he prefers eating extra, and the list is long, but what cats see about us is kneading a recompense? And if yes, why does my cat knead me but not my husband?

If you like it than we are happy for, but some owners don’t like waking up in the morning with a cat kneading you back and the next few lines, we will help you understand this behavior and how to stop it if you want to do so.

Why does cat kneading mean?

cats kneading dough this the best and the closest comparison for this behavior, and this is present like sticking their front paws while alternating them in and out into something.

you can see your cat kneading pillows carpets walls and many other things.
some cats purr and knead at the same time they combine these tow behaviors.

My cat kneads me what does it mean?

The kneading according to experts and vets haven’t a real scientific explanation, but many theories are very close to reality:

  • For kittens they used to kneads their mother stomach to stimulate the flow of milk.
  • Cat ancestors used to knead before they were adopted and domesticated they knead on the ground or bushes to make softer and more comfortable for them to sleep.
  • Some experts believe that cats knead so they can spread the scent on people and objects to preserve their territories.

There are many other probable answers to this question, and we made this list, and maybe you will find and understand why your cats knead you and not your husband.

Why does my cat knead me but not my husband?

cat prefer kneading the persons that are here for them (feeding, playing, grooming)

If he only chooses you rather then al the persons in the house maybe its because you take care for him you clean you feed you play and groom him, and all those are signs of affection your cat, and he may try to redeem it for you by showing some more love for you.

Cats may knead only the person that he thinks as his mom

As we said earlier in this article, kittens use to knead their mom’s tummy to flow the milk, so maybe he sees us as an equivalent of his mom and prefers to defraud you from all other individuals by kneading you when he wants to.

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Cats knead before napping

The majority of cats knead before napping they knead the surface they will spend some time on it like blanket and pillows, and this behavior comes along the way from their ancestors they used to do that to make the place more comfortable.

Some cats knead exclusively before they snooze, while others purr while kneading may be kneading, which is related to the nasal passage.

Cats knead some textures more than others

Cats like to play, and their paws are their way to touch fell and interact with things if you have some fluffy close and soft blankets or cuddly poofs you interiors is pushing your cat to do so

Some cats knead their favorite people

If your cat wakes you up in the middle of the night by keading your shirt or your back consider your self happy you are chosen.

Cats know how to differs people and knows who are here for them and who take care of them.

If your cat kneads you and not your husband the answer is because he loves you more.

If you don’t like kneading, we can help you with some advices

in the bigging, you might see kneading as cute and sweet from your cat to be unique with you and no one else, but with the time you will find it annoying to be woken up in the middle of the night by a cat that pure and kneads your back.

sometimes kneading may hurt you because your cat knead using his paws and we don’t you like getting injured.

so you need to stop this behavior here are some things to do if you want to get rid of it :

  • put your cat in lying position whenever you here it purrs or kneads because the tow are related.
  • distracted your cat as you cat when you see that he want to knead, use a laser if you can.
  • lock your room door this might look like a hard way to stop them, but you can leave a blanket or a pillow in front of your door, so your cat kneads on it and won’t disturb you night.


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