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For animals sweethearts, they can get extremely defensive over their pets particularly in the event that they imagine that there’s some kind of problem with them. So it’s just normal to rapidly surge your pet to the vet if you feel that they are wiped out or unwell. This Thai lady as of late shared an amusing story on Twitter about her little cat that she thought was not going well and carried it to the vet.

She said that she saw her little cat having an enlarged stomach and was worried about the possibility that it may have worms. So she visited the vet as she felt that her cat would require treatment. In any case, after further checks and even an X-beam filter, the vet said that her little cat was fit as a fiddle.

The explanation behind the enlarged stomach? Evidently, the specialist said that her cat friend was simply excessively fat and there was nothing else amiss with the little catlike. LOL! Her tweet circulated around the web, with more than 95,000 retweets at the hour of composing as netizens were entertained by the decision. She likewise shared photographs of her little enlarged kitty and it had an adjusted stomach.

Worried Owner Thought Kitten with Bloated Tummy Was Sick, Turns Out It Was Just Fat
Source: Twitter

A couple of other cat proprietors shared their accounts where they had a similar encounter also. One of them said that they had a cat that had water in its belly and they carried it to the vet for treatment however in the wake of completing the medication, the cat’s stomach was still enlarged. At the point when they went for development, the vet said that the cat had completely recouped, presently, it was simply fat.

Another pet proprietor said that they had a mother cat who had conceived an offspring yet her stomach area was still extended. They were stressed that something wasn’t right after the birth yet the vet said that it was fat. A netizen said that they had a male and female cat at home and one of the females had an adjusted stomach so they imagined that she was pregnant. Turns out, she was simply fat also.

It would appear that the little kitty needs to stop eating so much junk food!


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